How To Harness Sexual Energy?

If you want to get better results in your life, don’t spill your seed on useless matters. Cultivate it and transform this energy into creative force that will bring you more substantial results after a while.

The Taoists said that you should limit ejaculations to increase longevity, focus and vitality.

“In sexual love relations a man should permit himself to ejaculate 2 to 3 times out of 10 times of sex to preserve his “life force”

Abstinence – not from sex – but ejaculation is the key to doing this.

You should NOT live a sexless life. Sex and orgams are  necessary for a great mood and life satisfaction. It also energizes you to take on bigger the challenges.

It’s the emission of your seed that’s the problem. It drains you.

Here are the rules;

  1. No Ejaculations

That’s all.

You can still have sex and orgasms but fewer ejaculations. It’s the replenishment of the seed that requires all the energy.

It’s the gift of life for the next generation that you’re wasting.

“Huh? I can have sex and orgasms but no ejaculations? What’s that for black magic?” – You, being confused

Here’s how you can separate the two;