Hello world! Hello Melanesia!

We Melanesians are living in a planet with full of problems, and we are the ones who suffer the most:

  1. Many of our small islands are already sinking,
  2. Many of our seas are covered with plastic bags and nuclear wastes
  3. Many of our people are infected by foreign deadly physical diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer;
  4. Many of our people are infected by foreign deadly mental diseases such as thinking that
    • "Wantok System" is deadly and modern system is good for life;
    • "Modern medicine" is the best solution for illness and traditional healers are assisted by devils
    • "Modern hospitals" are the place where our children to be born, not at home, their own home, and nurses are the one to greet them first in this planet, not the baby's own mother, close relatives
    • "Modern hospitals" are the place where we must get healed, not at home, evil to be healed by our traditional healers.
  5. Many of us today are buying foreign foods, drinking foreign waters, forgetting our own clean water, spiritually nurturing, biologically healthy ones from our own homes.

I just cannot mention all of them. The more I mention them, the more I become emotional. It is better for me to stop here, and for you to continue listing them more. Of course, in your mind.

This blog, "The Universal Healing Tao System for Melanesians" is created by myself, Wewo Kotokay, in order to help us all in Melanesia, to live according to the "Law of the Nature", and "Nature of the Melanesian Way of Life".

We have our beautiful islands that people call Paradise! We have joyful culture, that people call the culture of the paradise. We are already in Paradise. We do not need foreign culture, foreign items, foreign teachings, foreign religions, foreign culture to over-ride what we already have, complete and more than enough.

"The Universal Healing Tao System for Melanesians" is the "defrag" programme, a mental re-programming programme that will not only help us emotionally, but also physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Let us begin.....

Hello world! I am Yahoo! Addict, and Hybrid Theme Lover

I am Yahoo! Addict, and Hybrid Theme Lover

Yes, I love Yahoo! its elegance display, and I love Hybrid Theme by Justin Tadlock for its simple, comprehensive, and more importantly expandable rock solid WordPress.com theme called "the hybrid theme", or it is named as "WordPress.com Theme Framework" by Mr. Tadlock himself.

The Hybrid Core Framework is easy to extend to whatever I want. For example, I can add more menus and contents wherever I can, as well as create custom posts and do other things just by adding theme support "add_theme_support();" As I repeatedly say in this blog, the Hybrid Theme Framework is also structured in  a way that elementary theme developer will understand what these framework is doing for the theme.

I have added more things, pages, functions, widgets and menus, but I can still allowed to do so.

I do not want to bee too defensive to these framework, but I must acknowledge Hybrid WordPress Theme is the last one I have tried. For a few years I have been working with other theme framework, even I started with the "revolutionary work" on theme framework called "